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Do you have photos where your eyes are unnaturally red? New automatic program StopRedEye!™ will correct all these photos in a few minutes

What makes StopRedEye!™ the best red-eye correction software in the world? “Know-how intelligent red eye search technologies, high processing speed, simplicity and usability – these are the main features of the program,” – says Chief Technical Officer of SciFusion Software.

Red-eye correction is not a problem any more

StopRedEye!™ removes red-eye defect on digital photos entirely automatically. Our main goal was to develop a tool that would be convenient for most people not familiar with professional graphics editors. And we have succeeded to achieve it. With StopRedEye!™ you don’t need any specific skills in digital photos processing.

Know-how intelligent technologies

Mathematical algorithms of the program were developed by our experts in mathematics, image processing and computer vision. Usage of know-how technologies in intelligent digital image processing allows us to precisely distinguish human eyes on photos. That’s why StopRedEye!™ accomplishes its task better than any other digital image correction software.

Entirely automated process

Entire automation of the correction process is the main idea of StopRedEye!™. You only need to indicate photos to be corrected, and the program does all the rest! It finds faces of people on images, checks the eyes appearance and restores their natural color if needed.

High accuracy of correction

98% of eyes with the defect are being accurately distinguished and corrected, having 0.1% of false correction cases.

Natural color restoration

New color of the pupil is computed in a way to make the border of the corrected region not noticeable and to preserve the natural color gradients of an eye. Your eyes will look natural even on heavily light-struck photos.

Minimal impact on the picture quality

It is well known that JPEG format worsens the quality of an image with every followed saving. However pupils usually occupy a small area on the picture and it is redundant to resave the whole image using JPEG. StopRedEye!™ uses ad hoc algorithms to work with JPEG files, which allow to correct only certain parts of an image not affecting areas without eyes. That is why you are sure that your photos won’t get worse while you use StopRedEye!™

Red-eye defect nature

Red eyes appear on most photos taken with flash by modern compact digital cameras. It happens because the flash light illumines blood vessels of retina. This exact phenomena causes red-eye defect on photos. That is a physiological peculiarity of man and it is not possible to change it. The more compact camera you have, the higher probability of the defect you get.

Do you know that...?

Our research shows that more than 80% of photos taken by non professionals with flash being fired have red-eye defect. And the lighter iris you have the higher the probability of the red-eye defect is. Almost every picture of people with blue eyes has that defect. Though photos of some hazel-eyed people have that defect pretty rarely it is a widely spread phenomena in general.

Simple to use

You surely have a lot of photos you would like to correct. In order to correct a whole digital photo album you just have to press 3 buttons and wait for the result. Forget about boring eye marking – you don’t need to do that anymore!

High speed processing

If you ever tried to remove red-eyes in popular graphics editors you know how exhausting it can be. E.g. in Photoshop CS you have to find and open file, perform 9 (!) unobvious actions using various tools and save file with a correct name. It takes 40-50 seconds of focused attention to process one picture on average. And you have to repeat the same row of actions with each picture! Hence it would take about two hours to correct an album of 100 photos. Most probably you would get annoyed much earlier.

StopRedEye!™ processes one picture in 5-7 seconds. So it will take 10 minutes to process 100 photos on a modern PC.

Processing of photos of any difficulty

Faces of people on photos may be positioned under different angles, may be not sharp enough or situated on a long distance from the photographer. But our technologies allow distinguishing eyes even on such faces. Sometimes eyes are completely spoilt with light-striking (if they are not in focus at the moment of shooting). In most cases StopRedEye!™ copes even with this task!

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What our users say

I would say this is the most convenient red-eye correction program I have ever used. It is very simple in use and the quality of the correction is excellent!

James Marston

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